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Worios Black & Red Boxing Glove

Unleash your power with Worios Black & Red Boxing Glove Combo, designed for top performance and a bold look. Train

Worios Black-Red Boxing Glove Fusion

Experience the perfect blend of style and performance with Worios Red-Black Boxing Glove Fusion. Enhance your boxing journey with these

Worios Bold Black-Green Boxing Glove

Unleash your power with Worios Bold Green-Black Boxing Gloves, designed for optimal performance and a striking appearance. Elevate your training

Worios Brown Leather Boxing Glove

Embrace a classic look with Worios Brown Leather Boxing Gloves, offering premium quality and comfort for your training needs. Enhance

Worios God&Black Boxing Glove

Discover our striking God & Black Boxing Gloves, perfect for training and sparring. Browse high-quality photos to find the ideal

Worios Gold-Trim Black Boxing Glove

Discover the Worios Gold-Trim Black Boxing Glove, designed for optimum performance and style. Train with confidence and power in these

Worios Green Accent Black Boxing Glove

Experience the perfect fusion of style and performance with Worios’ Green Accent Black Boxing Gloves. Elevate your training and boost

Worios R&B Leather Boxing Gloves Fight Training MMA Punching Gloves

$97.50 $49.00
Worios Fight Gear Boxing Gloves With Hook and Loop ,Sparring Muay Thai Pro Training, Leather, Kickboxing Heavy Punching Bag Focus Mitts Pads Double End Ball Workout, MMA Fitness Gym Bagwork, Ventilated Palm.

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Worios Red-Trim Black Boxing Glove

Upgrade your boxing gear with the Worios Red-Trim Black Boxing Glove, designed for top-notch performance and striking style. Boost your

Worios Vibrant Green-Black Boxing Glove

Step up your game with Worios’ Vibrant Green-Black Boxing Gloves. These high-quality gloves combine style and performance to support your

Worios White-Black Boxing Glove Mix

Train with confidence in Worios White-Black Boxing Glove Mix, designed for style and performance. Boost your boxing skills with these

Worios White&Black Boxing Glove

Shop our latest Black & White Boxing Glove. Perfect for boxing enthusiasts, these gloves offer superior quality and style. Order

Introduction to Competition Gloves

At Worios company, we understand that choosing the right competition gloves is crucial for boxers to perform well and stay safe in the ring. . When boxers pick our gloves, they have to think about some important things to make sure they stay safe and do well in the fight. Our gloves design is the first thing they need to think about. Gloves that people use for competitions are usually very smooth and simple. They have a small opening and are tight on the hands so that the people wearing them can move their hands and fingers really well. The gloves’ padding is also important. Competition gloves don’t have as much padding as training gloves, so boxers can feel how hard they’re punching and know how good they are.

Another important feature of match gloves is their weight. The weight of the gloves is determined by the rules of the competition and the weight class of the boxers. Typically, match gloves can range from 8 ounces to 16 ounces, with heavier gloves offering more protection but less speed and agility.

The material of the gloves is also an important consideration. Most gloves are made of leather, which is durable and provides good grip and protection for the hands. Some gloves may also have additional features such as ventilation holes or moisture-wicking materials to help keep the boxer’s hands cool and dry during a match. When boxers pick our gloves, they don’t only look at how they look and what they can do. They also think about other things that are important. One of these things is how the gloves fit. They need to be just the right size and shape so they feel good and stay on well. Boxers also want to know if the gloves are from a good brand and if they are known to be good quality. Lastly, they need to know if the gloves are affordable and if they can get new ones easily.

The Design of Competition Gloves

Competition gloves can look different and come in many sizes. When you choose gloves, it depends on what you like, what kind of practice or fight you’re doing, and how much you weigh. Larger gloves provide more padding and protection, which is crucial in training sessions to avoid injury. However, smaller gloves are ideal for competitive matches as they are lighter and allow for more hand speed and agility. Boxers must also consider the quality of the gloves, their durability, and the level of comfort and grip they provide. Choosing the perfect gloves can make a big difference in a boxer’s performance, so it’s essential to select the right pair for each occasion.


Padding in Match Gloves

One of the most critical features of match gloves is the padding. They are made with high-density foam that absorbs the force of a punch and reduces the risk of injury to the boxer and their opponent. The padding is also constructed to distribute the force of a punch evenly across the glove’s surface, reducing the risk of hand and wrist injuries. Boxers must ensure that their gloves comply with the regulations set by the sanctioning body for the weight class they are competing in.

Design Features of Competition Gloves

Boxing gloves are crucial to protect the hands and wrists from injuries during training or competitions. There are different types of gloves available for different purposes. Competition gloves have a specific design that allows boxers to throw precise and accurate punches. They are narrower than training gloves, which helps to improve a boxer’s technique. The thumb position in match gloves is also different from training gloves to reduce the risk of thumb injuries.

Boxers must pay attention to the size and fit of the gloves they choose. Wearing gloves that are too big or too small can lead to injuries and reduce the effectiveness of the gloves’ padding. It is also important to consider the materials used for padding when selecting gloves. Foam padding is commonly used in gloves, but some manufacturers may use different materials.

Sizing of Competition Gloves

In the world of boxing, the size and weight of gloves play a crucial role in a boxer’s performance and safety. Typically, competition gloves are assigned based on the boxer’s weight class.

To choose the right boxing gloves, size and weight are crucial factors that can impact a boxer’s performance and safety. Lighter boxers use smaller gloves to move their hands faster, while heavier boxers require larger gloves for more protection. It’s important to consider size and weight when selecting gloves for optimal performance and safety.

Choosing High-Quality Competition Gloves

When selecting gloves, boxers should precedence quality over cost. Good boxing gloves are made by trusted brands using advanced materials and technology to make them better, stronger, and safer. These gloves have good padding and support that keep the hands and wrists safe from injuries like breaks and sprains. Good gloves can also last longer and not lose their shape, saving boxers money by not needing to buy new gloves too often. In addition to quality, boxers should consider the gloves’ appearance.

Boxers need to follow the rules set by the people on the color and style of gloves during a match to elude getting disqualified or facing penalties. Boxers may also want to choose gloves that match their personal style or their team’s colors. Overall, choosing the right competition gloves is critical for a boxer’s performance and safety in the ring. Boxers should give precedence quality and consider the gloves’ appearance to ensure they meet the requirements for their matches.

Custom BJJ GI’s By Worios

The BJJ GI, also known as the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uniform, is special clothing worn by people who practice BJJ. It has a jacketshin pads, and a belt and is made of strong cotton or cotton/polyester mix. The GI is important because it creates a uniform look and helps simulate real-life self-defense situations. Custom BJJ GIs are becoming more popular because they let people tailor the uniform to their needs and preferences. Custom MMA Gloves are important for MMA fighters and fitness enthusiasts alike. They come in different sizes, styles, and designs to fit individual preferences. Custom MMA Gloves provide protection and support to the hands during physical activity such as sparring and grappling. Boxing gloves have multiple benefits in the sport of boxing. They help to make the game fair by making it harder for boxers to knock out their opponent with a single punch. Thus, matches are more likely to go the full distance, resulting in a more competitive and entertaining sport.


In conclusion, Match gloves are a necessary piece of equipment for professional boxers. Worios gloves keep boxers safe and help them punch accurately and powerfully in matches. When picking competition gloves, boxers need to think about factors like size, weight, and closure system. It’s important to pick gloves from a famous brand like us that are of good quality to ensure they give enough support and protection. By doing so, they can ensure they are equipped with the best gloves for their individual needs and are fully prepared to compete at the highest level.